Photo by  @ninajordan

Photo by @ninajordan


Actress, artist, musician, warrior. 

Born in Tokyo, Japan, of Italian and Scottish descent, Samaire (Sa-me-ra) is named after a fictional warrior princess from a novel her father was reading while her mother was pregnant.

She attended a traditional Japanese Pre-school & Kindergarten, as well as three years at Kyoto International School. Samaire was deeply influenced by the rich Japanese customs, as well as the vibrant pop culture in which she was raised.

In Japan, at the age of five, she joined her father in the rigorous practice of traditional Japanese battlefield sword training called Yagu Shin Kage Ryu,  and continued the practice well into young adulthood.

Samaire spent a large part of her developmental youth exploring the world. Traveling from one country to the next inundated her with visual greatness that made quite an impact, as well as engaged her imagination.

From a very young age, she practiced all types of art forms. Drawing, painting, pottery, theater, fashion and jewelry design, were some of the many creative outlets she enjoyed. She moved to Los Angeles when she was still a teenager, and has been acting, painting and singing ever since.