Last night I was part of a wonderful event for Lift Communities. It was such an honor to be involved.  These are two of my pieces that I donated for the live auction. 

In the streets

In 2012, a group of my artist friends and I traveled LA having shows at the strangest places. It was such an adventure. We essentially said "yes" to anyone who asked us to come and set up our art. 

This is me painting in what was called Artists Alley. People came through from all over the world. This painting was bought on the spot while I was still working on it, from a mother and daughter who owned a clothing store back in China. Most of the girls I paint don't have much clothes on. They asked me very politely if I wouldn't mind adding more to cover her up. 

creative musing


This would be a photo I might use as a source of inspiration. Looking at the simplicity of the lines. How little is needed to express the most feelings.